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Author's Corner

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Featured Author:
Donald Collins
Prairie View A&M University

Book Title:

Reflecting on Autoethnographic and Phenomenological Experiences

A Caregiver’s Journey

About the Book

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Reflecting on Autoethnographic & Phenomenological Experiences


Donald Collins

Publication Year



Myers Education Press


Reflecting on Autoethnographic and Phenomenological Experiences: A Caregiver’s Journey is a unique critical qualitative inquiry study that uses the author’s experience as a caregiver to his wife suffering from dementia as the basis of a critical autoethnography. It explores components of positive caregiving that may be not only melancholic and empirical, but also emotionally painful. The book employs multiple approaches that include critical narrative, phenomenology, autoethnography and experiential writing. Through a phenomenological lens of an insider that includes self- and other-hood, marriage, career, fatherhood, suicide, despair, triple grief, loss, caregiving, cooking, housekeeping, advocating, mind reading, and encouraging, a narrative illustrating self-reflection on particular experiences is constructed.


These culminating experiences result in first-hand and didactical understandings by the caregiver. Individual, personal, and subjective interpretation of relational happenings are explored. Reflective journaling and observations of the seasons of marital life seek to understand if and how shared experiences transcend multiple contexts and help the reader understand experiences of dementia. Reflecting on Autoethnographic and Phenomenological Experiences: A Caregiver’s Journey is a volume that will be invaluable to qualitative inquiry researchers, autoethnographers, and those readers interested in the research of caregiving.

The Author Speaks

Watch the video to experience Dr. Collins sharing a few words about the book. 

Playing time: Approximately 21 minutes


(Video player will automatically show just this author's portion of the longer presentation. You are welcome to slide the video playhead to the right or left to watch the entire session.)

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