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The Vision

The HBCU Faculty Development Network will empower faculty to promote effective teaching and learning practices to enable students to become engaged, lifelong learners in an ever-changing society. The Network will be recognized as the main organization among the more than 100 HBCUs (for advancing the following strands) to encourage the delivery of effective teaching and learning:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Student Engagement

  • Current Issues & Trends in STEAAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Arts, Math)

  • Learning Across the Curriculum

  • Global Trends in Teaching & Learning

  •  Brain-based Teaching & Learning

  • Assessment

Teaching & Learning

Innovative Instructional Design & Technology

  • Instructional Technology

  •  Course/Curriculum Design/Redesign

  • Online & Distance Learning

Research in
Higher Education

  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

  • Scholarship of Educational Development

  • Scholarship of Education Administration

  • Scholarship of Counseling

Development and Administration

  • Shared Governance (success, planning, tenure and promotion)

  • Leadership Development in Higher Education

  • Centers for Teaching & Learning

  • Workplace Productivity

  •  Ethics

  • Accreditation

Student Success

  • Cross-institutional partnerships

  • International Student Support

  • Mentorship

  • Living & Learning Communities (Residence halls, Bridge programs,)

  • Advising & Counseling

  • Financial Aid

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