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Author's Corner

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Featured Author:
W. Joye Hardiman
Ancestral Art Works

Book Title:
The Ra-surrection of Truth from the Chains of Falsehood

About the Book

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The Ra-Surrection of Truth from the Chains of Falsehood


W. Joye Hardiman

Publication Year



Curry Brothers Publishing


Since the beginning of time, mankind has searched for the meaning of truth. Dr. W. Joye Hardiman removes centuries of confusion, by clarifying the essence of truth, falsehood, lies, and degenerative behavior. In The Ra-surrection of Truth From the Chains of Falsehood, Dr. Hardiman highlights the importance of truth, and the constant struggle truth confronts as it sustains life. This text removes all doubt on how truth and falsehoods continually battle for prominence in our minds, heart, and soul. As you journey through this book, you will better understand and appreciate how justice, fairness, due process, and integrity is embedded in the centerpiece of truth.

The Author Speaks

Watch the video to experience Dr. Hardiman sharing a few words about the book. 

Playing time: Approximately 15 minutes


(Video player will automatically show just this author's portion of the longer presentation. You are welcome to slide the video playhead to the left or right to watch the entire session.)

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