Call for Proposals

28th Annual HBCU Faculty Development Network Conference

Theme: "Higher Education: Leading, Managing, Teaching, and Motivating Students for Success in the New Environment"


October 28-29, 2021


Focus of 2021 Conference

The 28th Annual HBCU Faculty Development Network Conference will focus on the Theme: “Higher Education: Leading, Managing, Teaching, and Motivating Students for Success in the New Environment.” Today, effective academic leadership and management are crucial for the successful operations of every aspect of higher educational institutions. Therefore, a different leadership approach is needed to deal with the current generations of students, faculty and staff at the workplace. The current pandemic crisis requires more significant changes in designing and delivering instruction, and in facilitating the motivation of students to learn. Also, budgetary constraints, and the competition among HBCUs for the same pool of students make leadership and managing even more challenging in a turbulent pandemic. This year’s conference will also highlight some of best practices in leading, managing, teaching, and facilitating the motivation of students as well as programs that enhance students' academic success.


Ensuring quality in higher education has been a cornerstone of the HBCU Faculty Development Network Annual Conference. For over 28 years, the HBCU Faculty Development Network has covered a variety of programs for administrators, faculty and staff, aimed at improving students learning outcomes. Programs range from quality management, curriculum development, and faculty development, etc. This year's conference celebrates 28 years of continuous programs and service in developing the faculty workforce, especially at HBCU institutions.


We cordially invite you to participate in this 28th Annual HBCU Faculty Development Network Virtual Conference to be held on October 28 – 29, 2021. We invite faculty, administrators, faculty development directors, and personnel of all areas that support an academic program to submit proposals for presentation at this year's conference that support the theme: Higher Education: Leading, Managing, Teaching, and Motivating Students for Success in the New Environment”


The conference offers two days of workshops, concurrent sessions, and plenary sessions. The conference provides an excellent opportunity for participants to network with colleagues; exchange strategies proven successful in teaching and learning, and develop practical skills that can be put to immediate use upon return to their respective institutions. Attendees will take away from this conference, useful information that works and will assist them in enhancing their current role.

Conference proposals should address at least one of the following strands:

Teaching & Learning

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equitable Learning

  • Current Issues & Trends in STEAAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Arts, Math)

  • Learning and Assessment Across the Curriculum

  • Global Trends in Teaching & Learning and Student Engagement

  • Brain-based Teaching & Learning

  • Teaching and Learning in a Crisis

  • Post Pandemic

Innovative Instructional Design & Technology

  • Instructional Technology

  • Course/Curriculum Design/Redesign

  • Online vs Face to Face vs Hy-Flex


Educational/Faculty Development and Administration

  • Shared Governance (success, planning, tenure and promotion)

  • Leadership Development in Higher Education / Workplace Productivity

  • Centers for Teaching & Learning

  • Ethics

  • Accreditation

Research in Higher Education

  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

  • Scholarship of Educational Development

  • Scholarship of Education Administration

  • Scholarship of Counseling

Student Success

  • Cross-institutional partnerships

  • International and Study Abroad Student Support

  • Mentorship/ Advising & Counseling

  • Living & Learning Communities (Residence halls, Bridge programs,)

  • Financial Aid


Extended deadline: September 15, 2021

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For additional information contact
Laurette B. Foster, Executive Director